ZIP PRO 4, 8 & 16CH 8MP 4K XVR

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Superb Quality 4K Recording for The Most Demanding of Installations

  • Stunning 4K recording
  • Perimeter & Line Crossing
  • Analogue or IP Cameras
  • Free Windows Software & Free Phone Apps

The Zip Xtreme is the flagship 4K model. A powerful motherboard makes this DVR capable of recording and multi-tasking with 4K CCTV cameras.

Features Alexa & Google integration, with 8 & 16 channel having ANPR and Facial Recognition!

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Easy to use and install Zip DVR supports Alexa & Cloud storage**

  • Phone Push Notifications
  • Stunning Video up to 4K
  • iSENSE Lite Built-in (XTRA204)
  • iSENSE AI Built-in (XTRA208 & XTRA216)
  • Free Android & iOS Apps
  • Free Windows Software
  • Instant Detective Search
  • Self Password Reset (Free)
  • Free UK Managed DDNS
  • Person & Vehicle Detection on Analogue & IP*
  • Audio-Over-Coax Compatible
  • Analogue or IP Cameras
  • Free Remote Setup
  • Face Detect (with iSENSE)
  • Vehicle Detect (with iSENSE)
  • Rapid Deploy Cam. Compatible
  • Alarm Inputs / Output
  • ZipStor eSata Expansion
  • Add up to 8 IP Cameras
  • Tri-Stream TX (Full-Sub-Mobile)
  • Perimeter Intrusion & Line Crossing on Analogue & IP*
  • Dual Stream Record (Main & Sub)
  • Google Compatible
  • Email Password Reminder
  • Alarm Event Recording
  • Easy Schedule Recording
  • Auto Snapshot Capture
  • Talk Back Feature
  • Face Detection on Analogue Channels & IP (XTRA208 & XTRA216)*
  • Video TAG Features
  • Email & FTP Built-in
  • Cloud Storage
  • Covert Camera Mode
  • Privacy Masking
  • USB Back Up Port
  • Records Audio
  • Face Recognition on Analogue Channels & IP (XTRA208 & XTRA216)*

*CVBS Spot output and other features will be reduced when enabling these settings

**4ch is an Ultra DVR model but does not feature ANPR and face recognition

If you're looking to start fitting a brand that makes you money and be different from the rest, read on!

More and more installers are using the ZIP range as their primary CCTV product and its not hard to see why. Our latest 4K Zip Pro Hybrid DVR has both ANPR & Facial Recognition built in to it*. Whilst such features can be found in high end NVRs its unusual to find them in DVRS.

We designed the all new ZIP Pro Hybrid with installers and consumers in mind. Easy to use, with powerful performance they are used from homes through to national retailers for CCTV protection. With standard analogue cameras you get features such as face detection, stationary object detection and can even trigger alarms from sound activation but when used with Smart Analogue cameras you get ANPR and even facial recognition (database matching) built in to your CCTV system at truly budget prices.

Any make of CCTV camera will work with the Pro Hybrid, TVI, CVI, AHD and even old analogue CVBS ones so it's a great way to upgrade your old DVR and do the cameras as and when you can to get the very latest features and high resolution images the ZIP 4K cameras can give you. Being a Hybrid DVR, the Pro Hybrid can also use IP cameras so it's easy to mix co-ax and IP cameras for easier installation where needed.

With the XTREME Hybrid you can easily expand the HDD storage by adding the fast to fit ZipStor which is a plug and play eSata extension box that neatly fits under the DVR.

Unlike competitors brands, we only sell to bonafide installers so the ZIP is an exclusive trade only product to help your business grow.

Zip Pro 4K DVRs

The Zip Xtreme is the flagship 4K model. A powerful motherboard makes this DVR capable of recording and multi-tasking with 4K CCTV cameras so you can record in stunning UHD quality. The Pro also boasts an additional spot monitor output as well as a CVBS for real flexibility on displaying images on multiple monitors. Intelligent Dual Stream recording means you can simultaneously record at 4K and at a lower resolution so remote monitoring is lightning fast but you still have stunning 4K video for evidence when you need it.

Available in 4, 8 or 16 channels, the Pro is the perfect choice if your business relies on CCTV to operate to its maximum potential. For example the high quality 4K (8MP) recordings make the Pro ideal for licensed premises or retail outlets where footage might end up as evidence to convict troublemakers or serial shoplifters.

H265 compression means the Pro uses hard drive space conservatively but an eSATA facility means fitting the additional low-cost ZipSTOR HDD enclosure takes just seconds for an extra 4 hard drive bays. Ideal for long term storage of footage where it might take several days for a crime to come to light and particularly useful if you have premises visited by the public.

An BNC spot monitor output allows camera images to be fed to additional equipment such as distributors or extra displays and works in tandem with the HDMI and VGA outputs for linking up screens.

Not just for commercial environments for the little extra the Xtreme is a strong contender for home installations too. The latest crime stats (March 19) show that theft from outside dwellings had significantly increase over the last 12 months so it's well worth considering one to protect vehicles and caravans on your driveway. The 4K footage is great for use as evidence.

The mouse control over the friendly blue disk menu (similar to the Zip NVR) means you can get to most of the DVR settings you need in less than 3 clicks. It really is child's play to use and the second USB can be left free for doing quick evidence back ups.

Working with up to 4K cameras (whether TVI, CVI or AHD) extra IP cameras can be added to the DVR too as a bonus to the existing channels so there is capacity to expand your system at a later date.

The Pro features up to 16 alarm and 16 audio inputs. The alarm channels are good for using on external cameras where they can be triggered by PIR or break beam detectors when a person or vehicle approaches a property. Indoors they can be used with a door contact when someone enters a stock room and the audio is a great addition on these channels too so you can hear what is going on and not just see it.

  XTRA204 XTRA208 XTRA216
Video Inputs 4 8 16
Video in Connection BNC Sockets BNC Sockets BNC Sockets
Compatibility TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP
Resolution 4K (Max) 4K (Max) 4K (Max)
Recording Resolution 4K 4K 4K
Recording Speed 2MP - 25 fps / 5MP - 12 fps / 4K - 7 fps 2MP - 25 fps / 5MP - 15 fps / 4K - 10 fps 2MP - 25 fps / 5MP - 15 fps / 4K -10 fps
Compression H264 / H265 H264 / H265 H264 / H265
Max IP Cameras 2x 2MP 4x 5MP 8x 5MP
IP Camera Connection LAN (RJ45) LAN (RJ45) LAN (RJ45)
IP Bandwidth 12MB 64MB 128MB
Audio Over Co-ax Yes Yes Yes
Audio Inputs 4 8 16
Audio Input Connection Phono Sockets Phono Sockets Phono Sockets
Audio Output 1 1 1
Audio Out Connection Phono Socket Phono Socket Phono Socket
Alarm Inputs 4 + Via IP Cameras 8 + Via IP Cameras 16 + Via IP Cameras
Alarm Input Connection Spring Clamp Terminals Spring Clamp Terminals Spring Clamp Terminals
Alarm Outputs 1 + Via IP Cameras 1 + Via IP Cameras 1 + Via IP Cameras
Alarm Output Connection Spring Clamp Terminal Spring Clamp Terminal Spring Clamp Terminal
Video Outputs 3 3 3
Video Out Connection HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot HDMI / VGA / BNC Spot
Hard Drive Slots 1 2 2
Max Drive Capacity 6TB** 12TB (2x 6TB**) 12TB (2x 6TB**)
eSata Up To 48TB Up To 48TB Up To 48TB
Networkable Yes Yes Yes
Network Connection RJ45 RJ45 RJ45
Communication Coaxitron (UTC) / RS485 Coaxitron (UTC) / RS485 Coaxitron (UTC) / RS485
RS485 Interface Spring Clamp Terminals Spring Clamp Terminals Spring Clamp Terminals
Remote Control Supplied Supplied Supplied
Mouse Control Via USB (Supplied) Via USB (Supplied) Via USB (Supplied)
USB Backup Yes Yes Yes
Motion Detect Yes Yes Yes
Windows Support Windows 7 or Later Windows 7 or Later Windows 7 or Later
Client Software Supplied Supplied Supplied
Power 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC
Power Connection 2.1mm DC Socket 2.1mm DC Socket 2.1mm DC Socket
PSU 2A (Supplied) 5A (Supplied) 5A (Supplied)
Dimensions (H) 53 x (W) 300 x (D) 217mm (H) 50 x (W) 378 x (D) 326mm (H) 50 x (W) 378 x (D) 326mm

**Our DVRs take the latest 8 and 10TB sizes but we've based our table on a maximum capacity drive size of 6TB as they currently represent the best value for money.